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Kayla is legitimately the best! I met her in 2018 when she photographed my best friend's wedding. She was amazing at rallying a very rowdy bridal party and the pictures were incredible. So, when I got engaged in 2019, I immediately knew who I wanted our wedding photographer to be. The day of our wedding was a bit chaotic and Kayla handled it like a champ. Her patience knows no bounds so even when I insisted on redoing my own hair after spending the entire morning getting it done by someone, she remained level-headed and used that time to take pictures of my groom and his groomsmen.

While I was caught up in panicking over my hair not being satisfactory, Kayla remained calm and kept us all on track so that we completed all of the pictures we needed to before the guests started arriving. Her time management skills and levelheadedness made up for my lack of them. The photos turned out amazing, especially for two people who have zero idea how to pose for pictures. We have gotten many compliments from our friends and family that we "look like professional models" and we owe that ALL to Kayla and her amazing artistic abilities. We asked for lots of candid photos of us and our guests interacting and Kayla delivered; the photos from the dancing portion of our big day are some of our absolute favorites! It's amazing how much the bride and groom miss out on during the whirlwind that is the wedding day, so we cannot thank Kayla enough for documenting so many of those memories for us. We are so happy to have such gorgeous (and hilarious) pictures to look at and relive our special day for the rest of our lives!

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the gage, milwAUKEE, wisconsin

"Kayla is a dream to work with and her work reflects that - she captured every dreamy detail of our day! She had a special way of making us feel like actual models, and her work was the perfect moody, romantic vibe we were looking for. I look forward to continuing to work with Kayla as we grow! She is the sweetest, most talented gal and I loved working with her. Thank you Kayla!!! ♥"

"She had a special way of making us feel like actual models, and her work was the perfect moody, romantic vibe we were looking for."

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