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It’s come to the point where you’re thinking of rescheduling your wedding because of Covid-19. Rescheduling your wedding definitely wasn’t something you though you’d have to do. You’re allowed to feel sad, or angry, or disappointed. But don’t forget! One way or another, you’re going to get married and it’s going to be AMAZING. Take […]

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Self care can be tough when you’re quarantined. You have to keep your mind and body happy + healthy. Use these self care tips to stay grounded during the coronavirus.

Some of us have been quarantined under medical advice during coronavirus (COVID-19), some of us are choosing to self quarantine to help slow down the curve. Staying at home can obviously get boring.

Get ahead of spring and use your time at home to get your spring cleaning done before warm weather hits. Here’s a checklist room by room to help you get tasks done during your downtime.

Your wedding day is quickly approaching, and this COVID-19 coronavirus wants to steal the show. Now what? I’ve sent an email to all of my current couples with advice on how coronavirus COVID-19 could potentially affect their wedding day, but I want to share this with you in case you’re in the same boat. My […]