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Having photographed over a hundred weddings, it's pretty fair to say I'm genuinely obsessed with helping you have the very best day of your life - and making sure you have the best photos to prove it. 

Photos of your love should feel natural and honest, never forced or disingenuous.  Every time you take out your wedding album, your photos will take you back to that exact moment on your wedding day, just as you remember it.

My husband and I just got married on August 2nd! We had an amazing morning rooftop ceremony in downtown Milwaukee followed by brunch and then a boat cruise where we showed our guests the city and danced the evening away with a super fun DJ!

Not only can I help you from an outside perspective as a vendor, but I just went through the planning process - just like you! This means double the tips, tricks, and super great info I have to share with you throughout the process - all to help lead you down the road to an incredible stress-free day.

I'm Kayla - here to tell your love story

ayyy! I just got married too!

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When I was four (yep 4!) my dad got me my own film camera. Around that time, my parents were also getting divorced. While packing up our home, I stole some wedding photos that I’d found in a box in the basement. I carried them around with me everywhere just to remember the times they were together and happy.

Being only four, it was pretty hard on me, so I created my own "happy" moments with my camera. I'd spend hours styling and posing my Barbies around the house (and propped on my German Shepard, Max). My mom would have the film developed and I'd wave them in anyone's face I could. I just loved showing everyone what I created.

While real life fairy tales might not be Barbie + Ken perfect, your love story is unique and perfect to you. My childhood has taught me that happy and beautiful things + moments throughout life might not last forever - the best day of your life, a loved one, or your favorite song on the radio - but we can surely document these happy days to hold close to us through tough times.

Twenty-some years after posing my Barbies, I've gone through college, dropped out, and earned an Interior Design degree. Now, I'm here doing the same thing I loved to do back then - except with even more meaning than I could've ever thought (and with actual breathing humans in love). 

I always thought love was incredibly rare -
something so magical, it could only be found in fairytales...

What's even more incredible than the fairy tales we dream up as children?

The ones we find in real life when we're all grown up -

You deserve timeless wedding photos that showcase the epic time you had - on the best night of your life. That's where  I come in!

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