Why You Should ABSOLUTELY Do a First Look – My Top 3 Reasons

I REALLY wanna touch base on FIRST LOOKS this week. Most people have pretty strong feelings either for, or against them. I want to say I “understand” both sides, but am here to tell you why I TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY, THREE MILLION PERCENT, SUGGEST A FIRST LOOK.

This may be a bit lengthy, but if you even have the slightest thought of wanting to include a first look, I’m pretty sure I can convince you in this post for more than one reason:

Now I’m not here to knock the traditional “see your bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle.” It’s just that, traditional – however, if you would like for me to knock it because, well, GIRL POWER, let me know and I can explain or link ya frfr. But besides that, I honestly have some great reasons why I suggest a first look versus first seeing each other for the first time down the aisle.

Okay, number one – you can opt for a later afternoon/evening ceremony time, which means much better light – especially if your ceremony is outdoors. Straight noon sun means it’s directly above you and shadows are casting sharply and directly from above. This accentuates baggy eyes, makes perfectly proportionate noses seem larger, and adds much more than a 5 o’clock shadows above lips of every type. A later ceremony time provides more of a golden glow AND makes time for more photos before the ceremony, leaving more time to celebrate with your guests.

Numbaaa two – a First Look is MUCH more private and makes for a much more intimate moment between the two of you instead seeing each other for the first time during the ceremony. This is also what I prefer over first seeing each other at the ceremony because when it is private, you both are more inclined to express and let out all of your emotions in a more private space versus having everyone watch you share this moment. Certain people may feel more comfortable holding their emotions back in front of an audience, especially those they don’t see very often, instead of just being in the moment with your partner. I’ve also had many couples choose to read their vows to each other during this time – again, because it is much more private and intimate and you can vow anything you want to each other. From vowing to always make bacon on Sundays, to promising you’ll never forget to record Master Chef – you can be comfortable and honest in the moment with each other.

Last and honestly MOST importantly – this day is about the two of you – FUCKING SHARE IT TOGETHER!!!!!! Sooooo many couples don’t have a ceremony until 3, 4, 5…by the time you finally see each other, the day is half or more over, and as soon as you see each other you’ll have to be rushed into photos and hope you make it by cocktail hour and after that it’s still go, go, go until you sit to eat, and let’s be real – you most likely won’t have more than a moment to yourself. That super run-on sentence is exactly how you’ll feel.

Slow it down. Relax.

So with that being said, DO THE FIRST LOOK – take that intimate moment to yourselves, spend the day together, space out your timeline so you can ENJOY the day and not have to worry. You should focus on each other, and then take in alllll of that love surrounding you.

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