Grandparents Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary Party -

Grandparents Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

– Woyak –

Established March 12th, 1966

50 Amazing Years

18,263 Days of Marriage

6 Wonderful Children 

10 Beautiful Grandchildren

1 Incredibly Blessed Family

Countless Trips & Time Spent Together

– Norbert & Darlene – 

The Love of a Lifetime

                 On April 2nd, we surprised Grandma & Grandpa with a 50th Wedding Anniversary party – even though they told us not to. We HAD to celebrate this amazing life and family they had created over the last 50 years, and we had to do it the right way! Friends and family came from all over for drinks, delicious appetizers, and of course the best company around. Thank you again for everyone taking the time to celebrate with us all. 

Our family is extremely close – every birthday, graduation, Saturday night or Sunday Packer game is a get together, and it’s always an interesting adventure travelling with a group of twenty. We are close-knit and always have each other’s backs – we learned it from Grandma & Grandpa of course. Either of them would do anything for each and every one of us, and they very often do.  Thank you for ALWAYS being there and the best you could absolutely be.             Congratulations on FIFTY years! We love you, here’s to many more! 

  1. Narrelle Joy says:

    What a great post – and what a fun looking couple! Congratulations to them. xx

  2. Alora says:

    I love the feel of the whole day captured here. Now these are authentic moments <3

  3. Matthew says:

    Great pictures and a great time. You really managed to capture the moments and create some lasting memories! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

  4. twyla jones says:

    i love looking through your blogs! you are such an awesome milwaukee wedding photographer!!

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