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Lauren & Andrew - Oak Hill Weddings - Apple River, IL

“There are no words to properly describe the magnificent job that Kayla does. She is available to you in every way.

Anything she has you fill out is quick, easy and straightforward. As a bride and groom there is SO much to plan and worry about and she made it so we didn’t have to worry at all. She was one of the only vendors I had 100% peace of mind with.

On our wedding day our wedding DJ made the promise to keep all the vendors on schedule which is an incredibly important promise, the day goes by so fast every second counts. The DJ did not fulfill his promise, Kayla however did. She stepped in, went above and beyond and brought our day back to where it should have been. She literally saved our day.

There is no doubt she is an incredibly skilled photographer, look through her portfolios and galleries and see for yourself and when you hire her you’ll get chills from where she places you and how she poses you. She has such an eye for detail and makes you feel stunning
The day of, based on that, we knew the photos would be amazing, but nothing could prepare us for the tremendous outcome when we finally received the album.
The photos will make you smile, laugh and bring tears to your eyes. She manages to take you back to the exact moment of time where the photo was captured.
It’s an art.

She is amazing. I recommend her for absolutely anyone and everyone.”

Sam & Ryan - Playa Conchal - Guanacaste, Costa Rica

“My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer for our destination wedding!! Kayla did an amazing job capturing every moment, not only on our special day, but all week long! I will have beautiful memories of each laugh, each tear, and every dance move forever, because she was able to capture each candid moment so perfectly!! Thank you for being such an important part of our wedding week and day!! Amazing work!”

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