Kate's Wisconsin Winter Outdoor Boudoir Session

What do you do when you get a 38 degree day in Wisconsin in January? Drag Kate and a bed out to the woods for a boudoir session in the snow of course! Kate is a friend of a friend, and she has a super awesome lifestyle blog called Kate's Balancing Act  - she promotes local small businesses and gives everyday life tips and tricks - check it out! Anyways, Kate let me do my thing basically the entire session (which is my most favorite thing ever). That means Kate was incredibly happy with the images - my main goal of course - but I am as well! These are definitely some of my favorites. I was DYING to get out and shoot so I'm so thankful she let me talk her into taking her outside and baring it all.  I can't believe how beautiful Kate is, and seriously, those eyes? Oh man.  I LOVE showing women how absolutely freaking gorgeous they are, and helping to give that extra boost of confidence! With her already stunning, well, everything, and a little help from my style closet (including my brand new For Love & Lemons slip), Kate looked like she just stepped out of a winter fairy tale.